Pros and Cons When You Are Dating a Harley Motorcycle Biker

With the booming popularity of a huge number of online biker dating sites, an increasing number of people have taken the possibility of dating a biker girls or biker guy into consideration. When asked what their first impression of a Harley motorcycle rider is, the answer is always the same nice times out of ten: “biker women and biker man always tend to stand out from a huge number of other people by covering themselves under a helmet and leather jacket” or “Male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders can easily get the attention of others because they are always the coolest one in the crowd.

Whatever you call the sentences cited most times above, stereotypes or the so called truth,, one of the firstly established online Harley dating websites, would like to discuss the topic in a more comprehensive way: the pros and cons when it comes to dating a motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls.

When dating a motorcycle women or motorcycle man, you won’t have to take them to fancy restaurant or some high end activity that costs a fortune, because pleasing biker chicks and biker dudes is just more than easy. Take the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude to somewhere close to nature and get them a cheese burger at a food stand, which will already make them happy. If you are smart enough to say:” Hey babe, would you like to sit on the back of my Harley Davidson bike and chase the sunset with me?” you already have scored the top list of the potential biker lovers.

Moreover, dating a biker chick or motorcycle dude can help you to get out of your comfort zone too. The reason is simple: motorcycle lovers and biker enthusiasts are brave and adventurous, and they love to influence the loved ones around them. Dating a Harley motorcycle rider can definitely make you to step out of your defending zone that makes you feel cozy, instead, you will do something that you wouldn’t normally do under the influence of your male Harley rider or female Harley rider.

Enough with the pros, what about the cons when it comes to dating a motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy? The number one reason they are often blamed is that they are always busy with their Harley Davidson bikes to a point where bikes seems to be the mistress. Man bikers and women bikers are in love with their huge four wheeled machine, which means they spent the most of their day in the garage polishing their babe. Therefore, if you are needy and always need company of your biker ladies or biker gentlemen, it can be a little bit tough for you because they might always be absent!

The other con is that they might always be the dominant party in the relationship. If you like the feeling of being in control too it will require both parties to make compromise.

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