How I Met the Harley Motorcycle Rider

So you’ve signed up on the online biker dating websites. And male Harley riders and female Harley riders checked out our online Harley dating safety tips and now the single Harley riders want to know how to dive into online biker dating world and get the most out of it to conduct an active social life.

The online biker dating expert Julie Woo suggests to read the real online biker dating stories to ride the wave successfully. The largest online Harley dating site have interviewed more than 80 Harley motorcycle riders and there are the most impressive ones between biker women and biker man.

Julie: If I’d listened to some of my biker friends at the start of my relationship with my biker chick or biker dude I met on free motorcycle dating websites, we wouldn’t be together now. Being in a relationship with your male Harley ride or female Harley rider is definitely a learning curve and no one else should know better than you and your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy.

John: I was very excited to have talked with a biker babe on free biker or not dating websites. And I scheduled for the first date with the biker chick. However, because I didn’t have enough money at that time as a young, dumb and broke Harley motorcycle rider, I invited the motorcycle babe for a ride on my old Harley motorcycle rider. And it was more than great! Who said it always costs a fortune to invite your motorcycle women or motorcycle man for the first date? mine costed nothing!

Ada: I had a date in London and the motorcycle lady who showed up looked significantly older than her pictures on online biker dating websites. However, I still decided to sit down for a coffee with the unexpected motorcycle chick. And it turned out that we get along very well. And the Harley chick admitted that it was the picture of five years ago and I was the youngest motorcycle dude she’s ever dated.

Lindsay: I spoke to my now Harley dude loads before we actually met on free biker dating websites. Since I lived in the States and he was traveling across Europe for two years on his Harley Davidson bike and the magical connection lasted for more than 8 months on online biker dating apps before we actually met in person.

Colin: I had found a beautiful Harley woman on bikerdating,com and She was super sexy with her leather boots and jacket while riding on the Harley Davidson bike. I exchanged emails with the Harley chick at least three times a week. When I finally met the women biker, she was too nervous to speak and couldn’t even come up with a whole sentence when I look in her eyes.

Jason: the first date with my Harley women was horrible. The Harley babe disliked me for some reason and she was even trying to leave through lousy excuses. In the end I found that the Harley women was playing a trick and in the end, we fell in love.

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