How Do Biker Women Attract Guys

There are a huge number of biker dating tips on a wide range variety of biker dating sites talking about the best ways for biker women to attract biker men. But after reading a slew of this kind of Harley dating advice, motorcycle women will find out that biker dating rules such as “Play hard to get”, “Don’t text him first during the first three months” and “Have sex with the right motorcycle man after marriage” are way out of date and don’t apply to the modern dating world of single Harley riders anymore. Just like when Harley women are preparing a night out to meet their potential special Harley man, they probably have a handful of check list such as lipstick, eyelashes, sexy dress and killer heels. When biker girls put themselves out there to meet their potential Harley guys, there are a list of motorcycle dating rules which will help biker babes grab the attention of the guy they like. Let’s tap into the novel and efficient tricks of how to catch the eye of your biker dude while learning the difference between male Harley biker and female Harley biker of the way how their brain navigates.

1.Fundamentals matters
No matter how top-notch you think your trick of seducing your biker dude is, never neglect the basic elements. When going out with other biker babes, make sure the group is small and nice. Otherwise, going out with a large group consisting of more than 5 biker chicks will greatly decrease the chance for your motorcycle dude to come to you. Aside from the number of motorcycle chicks, the quality matters too. Let’s take a look at the scenario: going out with two of your closest motorcycle babes has already made your excited. However, when you are so tempted to go dancing in the pool with a bunch of motorcycle gentleman, those two motorcycle ladies want to stick with you simply because they are not independent and require a lot of babysitting when socializing. Thus always bring biker ladies with you who are strong and independent.

2.Practice your body language.
I know inside beauty matters but it’s undeniable that man biker are visual creatures that always have their eyes on the most attractive women bikers. If the best trick of you to attract a guy is to undo a button, the chance for you to successfully get the right one is slim. Aside from the cleavage, male motorcycle riders are much more attracted to female motorcycle women who have a sexy attitude. A subtle move that shows off your neck and shoulder along with an eye contact will definitely grant female motorcycle riders a much bigger chance when it comes to attract the right guy.

3.Be natural.
Always be straightforward and show the most authentic side of you. A pretentious and affected motorcycle babe is the last thing that a motorcycle dude would ever want.

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