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Improve your chance of successfully meeting a Harley motorcycle rider

While searching on online biker dating websites to meet local bikers, such an abundance of choice of different male Harley riders and female Harley riders may seem appealing, the sheer number of registered biker women and biker man presented can often turn out to be problematic if you are seeking a long term and healthy relationship with a special biker babe. First, when attempting to choose from a huge number of potential biker ladies and biker gentlemen, Harley motorcycle riders tend to make decisions in different ways.

For those single Harley riders considering optimize their chance on online biker dating websites, here are a few simple online Harley dating tips to follow in order to maximize your chances of meeting a truly compatible biker women or biker man.

Limit your potential choices of Harley babes.
While facing a huge number of attractive and seemingly compatible motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys, it’s hard to only focus on the Harley motorcycle riders that are truly compatible with us. Thus, In order to connect deeper with your potential biker boyfriend and biker girlfriend, motorcycle women and motorcycle man should limit themselves to a relatively small and manageable number of profiles. Choosing from a smaller set of potential biker chicks and biker dudes will help the decision-making process, moreover, talking with only a few single Harley riders allow motorcycle women and motorcycle man to establish a more authentic and deeper bond with the Harley girls and Harley guys.

Be open-minded with what’s new to you.
Even though online biker dating sites offer an abundance of different options and access to a multitude of potential motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentleman, it is important not to be overwhelmed by the Harley chicks and Harley dudes who seem to be different and are looking for something different from you. Being open-minded can help Harley motorcycle riders to avoid a superior attitude, which could resulting in the elimination of otherwise potentially desirable dates with the man biker or women biker.

Look for what is distinctive in the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.
Many Harley women and Harley man who are using online Harley dating sites to find a compatible biker lover tend to advertise themselves by adding generic criteria in their profiles such as career, achievements, or hobbies. However, these kind of descriptions can tell very little about you as a Harley motorcycle rider, let along to attract the attention from your Harley babe and motorcycle babes. Let’s take an example: It is unlikely that you will attract the Harley girls and Harley guy who love stand-up comedies merely by saying that you have a great sense of humor. Thus, it is of great importance to list more distinctive attributes that are related to Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle in your bio, and keep in mind to identify those features in more detailed information to tell your Harley chicks and Harley dudes more about the yourself in a more specific, authentic and sincere way.

The Real Online Biker Dating Story with a Happy Ending

Any single Harley rider who’s ever tried online biker dating has at least one unpleasant story with a biker guy or biker girls. And many Harley motorcycle riders who are still searching for the compatible male Harley riders and female Harley riders wonder if the love story with a happy ending will actually happen. Thus, we’ve invited a biker man who’s met his special biker girl on online Harley dating website.

“After I broke up with my biker girlfriend back then of six years, I decided to take a chance on online biker dating website to meet local bikers. As I was swiping through a list of single Harley riders I who looked total stranger to me, suddenly, I saw my old school crush back in high school. Of course, I swiped right on the biker babe but I didn’t expect much. It turned out that the biker women and biker man both lived in the same city and asked the potential biker girlfriend get a cup of coffee. And it’s when the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy met in the café where the story starts to get interesting.

At first, the single Harley rider didn’t recognize who I was at all and just considered me as a random match on free motorcycle dating websites. And I didn’t tell my biker chick at first just to get to know the most honest reaction of my potential Harley chick. And we get along surprisingly well. The motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude talked a lot about how to live a Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and how to make every single second out of the time riding on a Harley Davidson bike.

And then, here comes the interesting part: all of a sudden, while my motorcycle chick was talking about what was the first time riding on a Harley Davidson bike, I told her: ‘maybe your dad has one when you were young, and one day you just rode on the Harley Davidson bike to chase the sunset?’ I could never forget the face of my motorcycle chick, she’s totally in awe, but the Harley motorcycle rider starts to realize something, and she understood everything in about 5 seconds of silence. ‘So, you knew it since you saw me on free Harley dating website?’ ‘Of course, you were my only crush who loved riding on Harley Davidson bike back in high school.’ I sounded really cool, even cooler than the Harley motorcycle rider in leather jacket and boots, but god knows that I was nervous to hell in front of my all-time women biker crush.”

That’s right, I found my crush back in high school, who’s also a Harley motorcycle rider enjoying the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, on online biker dating websites. If any single Harley rider asks me whether it’s possible to find the compatible Harley women or Harley man online, the answer is yes. Online motorcycle dating platforms provides an unlimited amount of possibilities for every single Harley rider.

How I Met the Harley Motorcycle Rider

So you’ve signed up on the online biker dating websites. And male Harley riders and female Harley riders checked out our online Harley dating safety tips and now the single Harley riders want to know how to dive into online biker dating world and get the most out of it to conduct an active social life.

The online biker dating expert Julie Woo suggests to read the real online biker dating stories to ride the wave successfully. The largest online Harley dating site have interviewed more than 80 Harley motorcycle riders and there are the most impressive ones between biker women and biker man.

Julie: If I’d listened to some of my biker friends at the start of my relationship with my biker chick or biker dude I met on free motorcycle dating websites, we wouldn’t be together now. Being in a relationship with your male Harley ride or female Harley rider is definitely a learning curve and no one else should know better than you and your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy.

John: I was very excited to have talked with a biker babe on free biker or not dating websites. And I scheduled for the first date with the biker chick. However, because I didn’t have enough money at that time as a young, dumb and broke Harley motorcycle rider, I invited the motorcycle babe for a ride on my old Harley motorcycle rider. And it was more than great! Who said it always costs a fortune to invite your motorcycle women or motorcycle man for the first date? mine costed nothing!

Ada: I had a date in London and the motorcycle lady who showed up looked significantly older than her pictures on online biker dating websites. However, I still decided to sit down for a coffee with the unexpected motorcycle chick. And it turned out that we get along very well. And the Harley chick admitted that it was the picture of five years ago and I was the youngest motorcycle dude she’s ever dated.

Lindsay: I spoke to my now Harley dude loads before we actually met on free biker dating websites. Since I lived in the States and he was traveling across Europe for two years on his Harley Davidson bike and the magical connection lasted for more than 8 months on online biker dating apps before we actually met in person.

Colin: I had found a beautiful Harley woman on bikerdating,com and She was super sexy with her leather boots and jacket while riding on the Harley Davidson bike. I exchanged emails with the Harley chick at least three times a week. When I finally met the women biker, she was too nervous to speak and couldn’t even come up with a whole sentence when I look in her eyes.

Jason: the first date with my Harley women was horrible. The Harley babe disliked me for some reason and she was even trying to leave through lousy excuses. In the end I found that the Harley women was playing a trick and in the end, we fell in love.

Pick-up Lines to Attract Harley Motorcycle Riders Online

When it comes to online biker dating sites, it’s all about finding the best way to start a conversation with your biker girl or biker guy. Unlike meeting in real life, it’s more difficult to win over the male Harley rider or female Harley rider with your personality until you can find the unique words to pique their interest, build the connection and lure the biker women or biker man in for more. And an eye-catching pick-up line which encourage your potential biker ladies or biker gentlemen to reply will just be what every male Harley rider and female Harley rider would need.

“What I advise motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy to do is to follow the formula of giving a comment and posing a question” certified dating coach for motorcycle couples online said in his book “RIDE AND LOVE”. Then he continues to explain that comment on something you find interesting, funny, inspiring or just whatever in their online biker dating profile that intrigues you, and then ask an open question that is related to their profile on free motorcycle dating websites that you take an interest in. Motorcycle women and motorcycle men who have a higher response rate always send individualized messages to their Harley girls and Harley guy. And it doesn’t have to be something fancy, but your honest thought that you would like to share.

The time of greeting your biker chicks and biker dudes with a simply Hi, Hey or what’s up is already passed and it’s time to look at the recently compiled efficient and useful conversation starters on online biker planet dating sites.

  1. “Your Profile inspired me. Want to arrange a ride-meditation session together?”
    Online biker dating experts suggests that if a single Harley rider’s profile made you feel something positive, don’t be afraid to tell them because every Harley motorcycle rider appreciates a compliment.
  2. “I just got back from Angkor Wat and it was incredible. Where’s next on your future travel bucket list?”
    Even though the Harley girls or Harley guy mentioned nothing about traveling on bio, the picture of the Great Wall is pretty obvious there!
  3. “I would die for food too. What has been the most tasty and disgusting food you have tasted in your life?”
    a foodie meets a foodie and the expert pick-up line just flows like perfect. This kind of message is bond to get a reply from other biker chicks and biker dudes.
  4. “I was surprised by your vibe because it’s so upbeat and positive!”
    When it comes to online biker dating, it’s easy to define the different vibes of each single Harley rider. And don’t be shy to give out a compliment simply when you see something beautiful in a Harley girls or Harley guy.

Learn to catch the bullet point, make a compliment and pose a question leading to a more interesting answer than yes or no. Stay tuned dear Harley riders!

Experts Tell Harley Singles how to Get Their Past

So, as one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders looking for the compatible Harley motorcycle rider on Harley dating sites, you find yourself with your heart under your own emotions and you don’t know where and how to release the energy that you have in you.

It is totally normal for biker girls and biker guys who had break-ups to dwell in the unforgotten experiences for months and even years if something right isn’t done to at the right time intervene and set biker women and biker men back on the right track.

If you find yourself struggling to get back on the normal kind of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle after the loss and unsatisfaction of a relationship between the motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls, keep in mind that you weren’t born with this biker babe or motorcycle babe on your hip and it is the most likely that you will be able to move on eventually.

Sometimes, for the Harley girls and Harley guys who are lucky, it just takes a little time. And for those who have not as much luck, it will take more than just a little.

Here are some strategies recommended by the experts working for online biker dating websites that you can implement today to start getting over your past relationship with the Harley women and Harley man once and for all.

Disconnect from social media as much as possible and start to reconnect with yourself in a brand new way. When breakups with the once beloved Harley women or Harley man happen, it’s fairly easy to take to social media to see what your ex biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend is up to. This is a bad idea because you will never have the chance to step out of your sorrow and get over your ex motorcycle girlfriend or motorcycle girlfriend. First, biker chicks and biker dudes who want to get over their exes don’t want any reminders of them in their life.

As Tom Galiano, a licensed therapist on several renowned free motorcycle dating websites, it’s common for single Harley riders to experience a breakup to mull over their regrets with what the relationship with the man biker and women biker could have been if the biker gentlemen and biker ladies had changed their behavior in some way.

Even though a huge number of Harley motorcycle riders have had or will have this kind of feelings in their life, it is of great importance to come into realization that there is no way to change what had happened between the motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude. Because you wouldn’t have been you if it weren’t for the previous decisions you have made in your life. Thus, why not step out your foot into the online Harley dating world and find a compatible Harley chick or Harley dude with who your decisions will lead to the more positive ones instead of the previous one.

Must-dos If You Are a Harley Motorcycle Rider Looking for Love

Once upon a time, single Harley riders looking for love on he online Harley dating sites can feel quite self-conscious at the idea of telling it to his or her close friends. Because some male Harley riders and female Harley riders might think that you are desperate if you are not using the traditional way of meeting other like-minded souls who are also into Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. However, as the time change, so does the mentality, an increasing number of biker girls and biker guys choose to meet each other online, not only because it is more convenient and efficient, but also because online biker dating sites makes it possible to meet every Harley motorcycle rider that you have a potential with. Four years ago, I was like one of the biker women as well as biker men who are looking for a compatible biker partner online, and now, after been happily married for four years, I figure that there is something that I need to tell all the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys that are on the quest of searching the right one. Here are some of my top biker dating tips which are going to help the motorcycle women and motorcycle man.

Confidence is beautiful.
There are still a huge number of Harley girls and Harley guys who would take things submissively on online biker dating sites. I get it that it can sometimes be scary to admit that you are taking initiative to look for the special Harley motorcycle rider. However, changing your perspective when it comes to meet the right Harley women or Harley man is of great importance. It is all about making your Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle more meaningful and happier. Thus, there is nothing wrong with taking the first action and be pursuit your own dream. Being able to walk into the life of your biker chicks or biker dudes with a genuine desire to learn about more the potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend, having a pleasant conversation and all that, and the ability can be boiled down to the inner confidence that motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes have. Even though it is impossible to have this inner confidence over one day, but remember, your biker babes are probably just as nervous and self-conscious as you are. So why don’t you just take a shot since there are not much things to lose?

Make the messages short.
It is highly recommended that the messages sent between the man biker and women biker should be short, or not too long before the very first meet up in person. Because it is way better to meet your potential motorcycle partner sooner rather than later so that the encounter doesn’t drag out and the time won’t be wasted while you and the single Harley rider write back and forth. And there is no point for Harley motorcycle rider to become emotionally attached to someone through merely messages.

Facts that Most Single Bikers Don’t Know About Online Biker Dating

If you are one of the single Harley riders who are looking forward to conducting an active social life on free biker dating websites, there are the facts about online biker dating that few male Harley rider or female Harley rider know, but of vital importance. Without further due, let’s get into it.

  1. The number of biker girls and biker guys that have benefitted from online Harley dating websites to find a like-minded half will definitely surprise you: 2,3 million. And the number is keeping increasing by 23% a year!
  2. The majority, 56% of biker men and biker women registered on free biker dating sites are from the United States, and the rest, 24% from all over Europe, and the rest from Asian countries including China, Japan and Vietnam.
  3. The variety kinds of online biker dating websites can be divided into three kinds: the most standard kind are designed for single Harley riders; the second is for the biker women and biker man who want to have fun, the third is meant to cater the need of professional bikers who want to meet the like-minded.
  4. Up to 85% of the first message sent to the biker match contains no useful information. Because they are no different from a simple Hi or Hey, which can hardly intrigue other Harley girls and Harley guys. And the rest, are the messages that can stand out from other Harley women and Harley man, because this kind of message actually shows interest and care.
  5. Whether you click with the biker babe or motorcycle babe you met online depends greatly on the first five seconds. It is hard to tell whether it is about the so-called chemistry or other related scientific factors, but what happens in the first five minutes has a great say on what happens in the future. The biker chicks and biker dudes who didn’t click in this period have a very slim chance of having a successful date.
  6. Unlike the standard first date which takes place in a fancy restaurant or a peaceful park, 6 out of 10 bikers choose to ride on a Harley Davidson bike on a remote valley instead. According to the, it is a much more relaxing and easy-going way when it comes to dating on online biker dating websites.
  7. The 5th date is usually considered as a dilemma for a huge number of motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes. A scientific result says that the 5th date is an embarrassing time because the Harley man and Harley women will either take their relationship to another level, or give in to the fact the difficulties to do so.
  8. In a word, online biker dating, wither in person or online, is all about express yourself and listen to other Harley man or Harley women. Use your intelligence and intuition to find another compatible Harley motorcycle rider by expressing and listening well.

Expert Biker Dating Tips to Follow

Stepping in the dating world of Harley motorcycle riders by creating an online biker dating account is as easy as you’d imagine. It is no different from all the app downloading and profile creating process. However, finding a compatible male Harley rider or female Harley rider online is still different from the conventional way of meeting others. Because when you’re going on dates with your biker girls or biker guy in real life, you’re able to read their body language, hear someone’s tone of voice, and most importantly, feel their vivid energy. But when you’re trying to meet a biker man or biker girls online, it can be much harder in many ways, and that’s why you will need some expert online biker dating tips to follow in order to improve your dating quality by eliminating all the possible misunderstandings.

Keep it light.
According to the dating expert who has been consulting for motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys for more than 7 years, motorcycle women and motorcycle men should always message someone using positive language in a friendly tone. Also, pay extra attention if you are sending the very first message to Harley girls or Harley guy. Because it directly affect your success rate of getting a response from your Harley chick or Harley dude. Thus, you need to show interest based on what you see. Especially if you’re messaging your biker babe or motorcycle babe for the first time, Do not just ask any questions that will put the conversation to a dead end even before it got started, instead, ask a question to keep the conversation flowing between the biker chicks and biker dudes. And you could make the most out of the information provided by the profile.

Do not be too eager.
It happens sometimes that your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude won’t be able to respond to the first message sometimes, and some man biker and women biker will bombard their biker partner with other messages in order to make sure that the information is delivered. However, it is important to understand that during the very initial stage, most Harley girls and Harley guys who are on Harley dating sites are in the habit of ghosting. Thus, don’t take things too seriously.

Avoid sexual language.
Sexual language includes a range variety of things, and the most common habit of using sexual language that will put you to a dead end in the motorcycle dating world will be mentioning how attracted you are to someone’s body part. It is way too personal during the initial stage for Harley motorcycle riders to get to know each other on free biker dating sites. Instead of commenting body parts, compliment on some other things that actually make a difference in a biker relationship, such as lifestyle and personality.

Follow the mentioned expert motorcycle dating tips and your chance of meeting a right motorcycle lady or motorcycle gentlemen will be greatly increased.

How Do Biker Women Attract Guys

There are a huge number of biker dating tips on a wide range variety of biker dating sites talking about the best ways for biker women to attract biker men. But after reading a slew of this kind of Harley dating advice, motorcycle women will find out that biker dating rules such as “Play hard to get”, “Don’t text him first during the first three months” and “Have sex with the right motorcycle man after marriage” are way out of date and don’t apply to the modern dating world of single Harley riders anymore. Just like when Harley women are preparing a night out to meet their potential special Harley man, they probably have a handful of check list such as lipstick, eyelashes, sexy dress and killer heels. When biker girls put themselves out there to meet their potential Harley guys, there are a list of motorcycle dating rules which will help biker babes grab the attention of the guy they like. Let’s tap into the novel and efficient tricks of how to catch the eye of your biker dude while learning the difference between male Harley biker and female Harley biker of the way how their brain navigates.

1.Fundamentals matters
No matter how top-notch you think your trick of seducing your biker dude is, never neglect the basic elements. When going out with other biker babes, make sure the group is small and nice. Otherwise, going out with a large group consisting of more than 5 biker chicks will greatly decrease the chance for your motorcycle dude to come to you. Aside from the number of motorcycle chicks, the quality matters too. Let’s take a look at the scenario: going out with two of your closest motorcycle babes has already made your excited. However, when you are so tempted to go dancing in the pool with a bunch of motorcycle gentleman, those two motorcycle ladies want to stick with you simply because they are not independent and require a lot of babysitting when socializing. Thus always bring biker ladies with you who are strong and independent.

2.Practice your body language.
I know inside beauty matters but it’s undeniable that man biker are visual creatures that always have their eyes on the most attractive women bikers. If the best trick of you to attract a guy is to undo a button, the chance for you to successfully get the right one is slim. Aside from the cleavage, male motorcycle riders are much more attracted to female motorcycle women who have a sexy attitude. A subtle move that shows off your neck and shoulder along with an eye contact will definitely grant female motorcycle riders a much bigger chance when it comes to attract the right guy.

3.Be natural.
Always be straightforward and show the most authentic side of you. A pretentious and affected motorcycle babe is the last thing that a motorcycle dude would ever want.

Expert Tips on How to Build Trust in a Biker Relationship

Five of the most famous biker dating websites have decided to team up in order to provide single Harley riders with a series of brand new biker dating tips on how to maintain a biker relationship. And today we are going to talk about the most crucial element in a healthy and meaningful relationship between biker man and biker woman-trust.

Once you have both reached the agreement to be in a relationship, there is definitely gotta be trust between the motorcycle man and motorcycle women. However, the level of trust between biker boyfriend and biker girlfriend is more than tricky to assume, let along it can be easily misinterpreted. So how on earth can biker girls and biker guy build a solid foundation of trust together so that the biker relationship will thrive and grow?

First of call, be straightforward about your expectations with your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls, at the same time, get to know what it means to your biker partner. Knowing clearly the need of your biker chicks or biker dude is considered as a guarantee of building a solid relationship.

Do not ever overlook little things such as keep a promise even it is as trivial as be on time for tonight’s movie date. However, let’s say you have a date with your man biker or women biker tonight and unfortunately you are going to be late inevitably, call your biker babes and apologize. By strictly keeping every promise that you’ve made can gradually build trust between your Harley guy and Harley girls. No matter how little those promises might appear to be, they go a long way when it comes to building a healthy and long lasting relationship.

The importance of effective communication can’t be addressed enough in all kinds of occasions, especially in a committed relationship of biker gentlemen and biker ladies. It is strongly suggested to make it a rule to communicate in person whenever there is a misunderstanding or dispute. Instead of the impersonating way of texting, face to face communication will do you a much greater favor by building up rapidly trust between your Harley male or Harley female.

Being vulnerable probably seems like something doesn’t worth being proud of for Harley motorcycle enthusiasts for are known for being extremely independent. However, when it comes to a relationship, showing your Harley partner your vulnerabilities can be seen as the ultimate sign of trust between motorcycle babes. Open yourself up and share the hidden secret (which you might even be ashamed of) with your special and unique biker chick or motorcycle dude you met on free Harley dating site, which does not only tell your partner that you are comfortable spending time with him/her, but also convinces him/her that you trust your male Harley rider or female Harley riders.

Last but not least, keep in mind that the process of building trust requires time and patience.