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The Real Online Biker Dating Story with a Happy Ending

Any single Harley rider who’s ever tried online biker dating has at least one unpleasant story with a biker guy or biker girls. And many Harley motorcycle riders who are still searching for the compatible male Harley riders and female Harley riders wonder if the love story with a happy ending will actually happen. Thus, we’ve invited a biker man who’s met his special biker girl on online Harley dating website.

“After I broke up with my biker girlfriend back then of six years, I decided to take a chance on online biker dating website to meet local bikers. As I was swiping through a list of single Harley riders I who looked total stranger to me, suddenly, I saw my old school crush back in high school. Of course, I swiped right on the biker babe but I didn’t expect much. It turned out that the biker women and biker man both lived in the same city and asked the potential biker girlfriend get a cup of coffee. And it’s when the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy met in the café where the story starts to get interesting.

At first, the single Harley rider didn’t recognize who I was at all and just considered me as a random match on free motorcycle dating websites. And I didn’t tell my biker chick at first just to get to know the most honest reaction of my potential Harley chick. And we get along surprisingly well. The motorcycle chick and motorcycle dude talked a lot about how to live a Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and how to make every single second out of the time riding on a Harley Davidson bike.

And then, here comes the interesting part: all of a sudden, while my motorcycle chick was talking about what was the first time riding on a Harley Davidson bike, I told her: ‘maybe your dad has one when you were young, and one day you just rode on the Harley Davidson bike to chase the sunset?’ I could never forget the face of my motorcycle chick, she’s totally in awe, but the Harley motorcycle rider starts to realize something, and she understood everything in about 5 seconds of silence. ‘So, you knew it since you saw me on free Harley dating website?’ ‘Of course, you were my only crush who loved riding on Harley Davidson bike back in high school.’ I sounded really cool, even cooler than the Harley motorcycle rider in leather jacket and boots, but god knows that I was nervous to hell in front of my all-time women biker crush.”

That’s right, I found my crush back in high school, who’s also a Harley motorcycle rider enjoying the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, on online biker dating websites. If any single Harley rider asks me whether it’s possible to find the compatible Harley women or Harley man online, the answer is yes. Online motorcycle dating platforms provides an unlimited amount of possibilities for every single Harley rider.