HarleyDatingSite.net is the first single bikers dating site

HarleyDatingSite.net is a unique biker dating site with 16 years history in the online dating world. In fact it looks simple, neat and easy to operate because the team is keep up dating the site look and functions to be more friendly and efficient. The site did not take any priacy advertisement to promote. It just focus on offering the best services, features and functions. It turn out that the quality services, stable and powerful technical support brought a good reputation to the site. Now the site is popular in biker singles and motorcycle enthusiasts. There’s no doubt that the site is the most efficient dating site with a large population of real and serious biker members.

The sited claims to have more than 4 million biker members from all over of the world. And it’s vital that the female to male member ratio is 1:1. Most profiles are in high quality and active on the site. Thanks to the safe polices and strict censor system, there is no worry about the fake profile and scammers. So most members on the site are open and friendly to each other. It’s easy to communicate or get connected with some one you are interested in.

On Harley Dating Site, you can easily and instantly get whatever you want about biker culture and motorcycle riding life as well as seeking for biker singles for friendship or long-term relationship. If you have some experience on general and mainstream dating sites, you must be confused and tired of no-end processing pages of registration questions. And then take the whole weekend to browse the we bpages to be clear about how does it work for you. Next, you need to be patient to search profile and find someone real to try to connect with. At last, who knows if someone you connected has the same feeling and hobby with you, I mean about biker life. Now don’t botter on those general dating site, Harley Dating Site can save you a lot of time and make it easy to find someone special to share the biker experience and ideas.

Easy and free to try
It’s free and easy to sign up on HarleyDatingSite. Just offer the username, eamil address, height, sex and location you can get an account successfully. Now you can continue to follow some steps to create a wonderful profile. It might be a simple and interesting experience since all informations about you can be chosen in a drag and drop listing. It’s fun to make your profile to be vivid and attractive. Then you may choose some recent and nice photos to upload to your album. That can help you a lot to catch eyes of other users.

To get access to all features and functions, users may choose a suitable package to upgradeto gold membership from the following list:

1 month subscription: $50
3 months subscription: $90
6 months subscription: $144

HarleyDatingSite is an ideal site for real biker singles to find friends, long-term relationship to start a new life with fun and love.

Expert Biker Dating Tips to Follow

Stepping in the dating world of Harley motorcycle riders by creating an online biker dating account is as easy as you’d imagine. It is no different from all the app downloading and profile creating process. However, finding a compatible male Harley rider or female Harley rider online is still different from the conventional way of meeting others. Because when you’re going on dates with your biker girls or biker guy in real life, you’re able to read their body language, hear someone’s tone of voice, and most importantly, feel their vivid energy. But when you’re trying to meet a biker man or biker girls online, it can be much harder in many ways, and that’s why you will need some expert online biker dating tips to follow in order to improve your dating quality by eliminating all the possible misunderstandings.

Keep it light.
According to the dating expert who has been consulting for motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys for more than 7 years, motorcycle women and motorcycle men should always message someone using positive language in a friendly tone. Also, pay extra attention if you are sending the very first message to Harley girls or Harley guy. Because it directly affect your success rate of getting a response from your Harley chick or Harley dude. Thus, you need to show interest based on what you see. Especially if you’re messaging your biker babe or motorcycle babe for the first time, Do not just ask any questions that will put the conversation to a dead end even before it got started, instead, ask a question to keep the conversation flowing between the biker chicks and biker dudes. And you could make the most out of the information provided by the profile.

Do not be too eager.
It happens sometimes that your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude won’t be able to respond to the first message sometimes, and some man biker and women biker will bombard their biker partner with other messages in order to make sure that the information is delivered. However, it is important to understand that during the very initial stage, most Harley girls and Harley guys who are on Harley dating sites are in the habit of ghosting. Thus, don’t take things too seriously.

Avoid sexual language.
Sexual language includes a range variety of things, and the most common habit of using sexual language that will put you to a dead end in the motorcycle dating world will be mentioning how attracted you are to someone’s body part. It is way too personal during the initial stage for Harley motorcycle riders to get to know each other on free biker dating sites. Instead of commenting body parts, compliment on some other things that actually make a difference in a biker relationship, such as lifestyle and personality.

Follow the mentioned expert motorcycle dating tips and your chance of meeting a right motorcycle lady or motorcycle gentlemen will be greatly increased.

How Do Biker Women Attract Guys

There are a huge number of biker dating tips on a wide range variety of biker dating sites talking about the best ways for biker women to attract biker men. But after reading a slew of this kind of Harley dating advice, motorcycle women will find out that biker dating rules such as “Play hard to get”, “Don’t text him first during the first three months” and “Have sex with the right motorcycle man after marriage” are way out of date and don’t apply to the modern dating world of single Harley riders anymore. Just like when Harley women are preparing a night out to meet their potential special Harley man, they probably have a handful of check list such as lipstick, eyelashes, sexy dress and killer heels. When biker girls put themselves out there to meet their potential Harley guys, there are a list of motorcycle dating rules which will help biker babes grab the attention of the guy they like. Let’s tap into the novel and efficient tricks of how to catch the eye of your biker dude while learning the difference between male Harley biker and female Harley biker of the way how their brain navigates.

1.Fundamentals matters
No matter how top-notch you think your trick of seducing your biker dude is, never neglect the basic elements. When going out with other biker babes, make sure the group is small and nice. Otherwise, going out with a large group consisting of more than 5 biker chicks will greatly decrease the chance for your motorcycle dude to come to you. Aside from the number of motorcycle chicks, the quality matters too. Let’s take a look at the scenario: going out with two of your closest motorcycle babes has already made your excited. However, when you are so tempted to go dancing in the pool with a bunch of motorcycle gentleman, those two motorcycle ladies want to stick with you simply because they are not independent and require a lot of babysitting when socializing. Thus always bring biker ladies with you who are strong and independent.

2.Practice your body language.
I know inside beauty matters but it’s undeniable that man biker are visual creatures that always have their eyes on the most attractive women bikers. If the best trick of you to attract a guy is to undo a button, the chance for you to successfully get the right one is slim. Aside from the cleavage, male motorcycle riders are much more attracted to female motorcycle women who have a sexy attitude. A subtle move that shows off your neck and shoulder along with an eye contact will definitely grant female motorcycle riders a much bigger chance when it comes to attract the right guy.

3.Be natural.
Always be straightforward and show the most authentic side of you. A pretentious and affected motorcycle babe is the last thing that a motorcycle dude would ever want.

Expert Tips on How to Build Trust in a Biker Relationship

Five of the most famous biker dating websites have decided to team up in order to provide single Harley riders with a series of brand new biker dating tips on how to maintain a biker relationship. And today we are going to talk about the most crucial element in a healthy and meaningful relationship between biker man and biker woman-trust.

Once you have both reached the agreement to be in a relationship, there is definitely gotta be trust between the motorcycle man and motorcycle women. However, the level of trust between biker boyfriend and biker girlfriend is more than tricky to assume, let along it can be easily misinterpreted. So how on earth can biker girls and biker guy build a solid foundation of trust together so that the biker relationship will thrive and grow?

First of call, be straightforward about your expectations with your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls, at the same time, get to know what it means to your biker partner. Knowing clearly the need of your biker chicks or biker dude is considered as a guarantee of building a solid relationship.

Do not ever overlook little things such as keep a promise even it is as trivial as be on time for tonight’s movie date. However, let’s say you have a date with your man biker or women biker tonight and unfortunately you are going to be late inevitably, call your biker babes and apologize. By strictly keeping every promise that you’ve made can gradually build trust between your Harley guy and Harley girls. No matter how little those promises might appear to be, they go a long way when it comes to building a healthy and long lasting relationship.

The importance of effective communication can’t be addressed enough in all kinds of occasions, especially in a committed relationship of biker gentlemen and biker ladies. It is strongly suggested to make it a rule to communicate in person whenever there is a misunderstanding or dispute. Instead of the impersonating way of texting, face to face communication will do you a much greater favor by building up rapidly trust between your Harley male or Harley female.

Being vulnerable probably seems like something doesn’t worth being proud of for Harley motorcycle enthusiasts for are known for being extremely independent. However, when it comes to a relationship, showing your Harley partner your vulnerabilities can be seen as the ultimate sign of trust between motorcycle babes. Open yourself up and share the hidden secret (which you might even be ashamed of) with your special and unique biker chick or motorcycle dude you met on free Harley dating site, which does not only tell your partner that you are comfortable spending time with him/her, but also convinces him/her that you trust your male Harley rider or female Harley riders.

Last but not least, keep in mind that the process of building trust requires time and patience.

Pros and Cons When You Are Dating a Harley Motorcycle Biker

With the booming popularity of a huge number of online biker dating sites, an increasing number of people have taken the possibility of dating a biker girls or biker guy into consideration. When asked what their first impression of a Harley motorcycle rider is, the answer is always the same nice times out of ten: “biker women and biker man always tend to stand out from a huge number of other people by covering themselves under a helmet and leather jacket” or “Male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders can easily get the attention of others because they are always the coolest one in the crowd.

Whatever you call the sentences cited most times above, stereotypes or the so called truth, bikerdating.com, one of the firstly established online Harley dating websites, would like to discuss the topic in a more comprehensive way: the pros and cons when it comes to dating a motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls.

When dating a motorcycle women or motorcycle man, you won’t have to take them to fancy restaurant or some high end activity that costs a fortune, because pleasing biker chicks and biker dudes is just more than easy. Take the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude to somewhere close to nature and get them a cheese burger at a food stand, which will already make them happy. If you are smart enough to say:” Hey babe, would you like to sit on the back of my Harley Davidson bike and chase the sunset with me?” you already have scored the top list of the potential biker lovers.

Moreover, dating a biker chick or motorcycle dude can help you to get out of your comfort zone too. The reason is simple: motorcycle lovers and biker enthusiasts are brave and adventurous, and they love to influence the loved ones around them. Dating a Harley motorcycle rider can definitely make you to step out of your defending zone that makes you feel cozy, instead, you will do something that you wouldn’t normally do under the influence of your male Harley rider or female Harley rider.

Enough with the pros, what about the cons when it comes to dating a motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy? The number one reason they are often blamed is that they are always busy with their Harley Davidson bikes to a point where bikes seems to be the mistress. Man bikers and women bikers are in love with their huge four wheeled machine, which means they spent the most of their day in the garage polishing their babe. Therefore, if you are needy and always need company of your biker ladies or biker gentlemen, it can be a little bit tough for you because they might always be absent!

The other con is that they might always be the dominant party in the relationship. If you like the feeling of being in control too it will require both parties to make compromise.

The True Love Stories of Harley Motorcycle Riders

If you are one of the registered male Harley riders of female Harley riders on free biker dating sites and you are wondering what it is like to find a like minded biker girls or biker guy online? The article is going to give thousands of hundreds of biker women as well as biker man a general idea of the typical love story that happens multiple times between motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys.

After becoming a registered member on online Harley dating website, you will be asked to create a profile page for yourself where you are just going to present yourself and the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle that you are passionate about. In order to catch the eyes of the motorcycle women or motorcycle man that you want to attract, you will try to find multiple ways such as personal questions based on the information the Harley girls and Harley guys provided on their own personal page. For some Harley women as well as Harley man, it works perfectly.

However, for others, maybe you need to come up with another way which is more creative and innovative. After several failures or attempts, you will get yourself the very first date with your biker chicks or biker dudes over a glass of beer or a cup of coffee. That’s how you really get the chance to know your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes. For the very first time, you might get very nervous and don’t know what to do to ensure that the date goes well. Don’t worry, all you need to keep in mind is that practice makes perfect. And even the most awkward moment of your first date with the biker ladies or biker gentlemen will be the most precious memory, only if you meet the compatible and right biker babe.

Now, it is all about the feelings and instinct now. If you feel good, go ahead and arrange another date with this lucky motorcycle babe you met over motorcycle dating sites. If it is the other around, you can still be motorcycle mates who enjoy riding the Harley Davidson bike together.

After a few dates with the motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude you like, you might want take things to another whole new level. But for a huge number of Harley motorcycle riders, it might not be as easy. Thus, the section called Harley dating tips where there are different experts as well as veteran motorcycle riders are there to provide you with some useful and effective online biker dating tips. With the help of those who have studied the relationship between man biker and women biker, it is much easier for motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentlemen to maintain a successful and long lasting relationship with their loved ones.

Well, of course, no one can guarantee you that you will have the similar love story as the story told above. But you will never know unless you try.

Read this if you are struggling with your biker girl or biker guy

When you decide to take your relationship with your biker girl or biker guy to another level by moving in together, you are entering a brand new phase of your life which is not only more interesting but also more challenging. Because you will most likely encounter a good amount of relationship problems while dealing with your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls on a daily basis. If you want to learn how to maintain a healthy and long lasting relationship, here are a few expert biker dating tips provided by online Harley dating websites.

Most of male Harley motorcycle riders as well as female Harley riders go back home after a long day at work. Facing a file of housework such as dishes waiting to be washed and floors need to be washed, biker men and biker women will most likely feel annoyed. And it happens a lot that a small dispute over “Who does the chores” turns into a plate throwing flight. Here are some problem solving strategies that worth your attention.

Be aware that a healthy and long lasting relationship requires the effort of both motorcycle man and motorcycle women. Make sure your biker partner is on the same page too. It is strongly recommended to set the ground rules at first to avoid all the possible fights. Writing down all the house chores needed to be done on a paper and assigning the job beforehand will greatly decrease the chance of fighting. Also, note that it is not a must that the Harley girls and Harley guy does the exact same amount of work, as long as both of you feel right, feel free to come up with your way of doing housework.

Problems related to money is always inevitable and sensitive. Many Harley motorcycle riders have encountered this kind of problem even before the vows hve exchanged. So how should we deal with financial problems?

The key is to be 100% honest and straightforward to your biker chicks or biker dude since any kind of lies will eventually be revealed. Be real about your current financial situation and the kind of lifestyle you aspire to have in the future. Tell your motorcycle babe or motorcycle dude whether you think always splitting the bill is the better option or not. However, when you approach this topic, sit down and remain calm.

It happens, especially when you moved in with your biker chicks or biker dude, that you start to feel that the fire is slowing dying down between the motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentleman, which is totally normal.

To solve the problem and rekindle the fire between you and your biker partner, do something unconventional that you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe a romantic dinner on the seaside or an unexpected get away to another country will below the mind of your lovely motorcycle babes.

More contents are coming on the way. Please keep a close eye on free motorcycle dating sites.

Harley biker dating has always been a heated topic for the past decade

Harley biker dating has always been a heated topic for the past decade ever since the famous Harley motorcycle dating website bikerornot.com come to the fore in the year of 2006, which has helped a tremendous amount of Harley biker singles connect with each other on a virtual level and in the end an meaningful and serious Harley biker relationship is formed. However, as amazing as the Harley biker online dating sites can get, problems of Harley biker dating arise especially for those who have never tried the the Harley motorcycle dating service and don’t know exactly how the Harley dating service work.

In order to ease the burden of the Harley biker beginners who are eager to seek for love and share the joy of Harley biker riding with another potential Harley biker partner, our website has kindly selected 3 Harley dating tips which has helped tremendously more than 11.2 millions previous Harley biker users in the daily biker dating life.

1. Be present and enjoy the moment of right now
Sometimes a Harley biker relationship can be started from a single greet, as random as that, but also, it can be destroyed by a seemingly sincere open up about your past. Every one has a past, and Harley biker enthusiasts are not an exception. Seal your bag about your past especially in front of your Harley motorcycle date, no matter it is about a heartbreaking Harley biker relationship or your obnoxious biker ex, talking about your past will not only gets you no where, but also push away your Harley biker enthusiast who is aspiring a moment of pleasure with you.

2. Take time to create your profile page
When you put yourself out there on the Harley biker dating platform, the number one thing is to create a profile age before stepping foot in the journey n search of another Harley motorcycle lover, since there is nothing more straight forward to help other Harley motorcycle lover to better understand you. Therefore creating an attention catching profile can be an essential step to find the special Harley biker lover. Firstly, be honest. Because no lies can be covered forever and no matter how dull the truth is, dishonesty will only destroy your Harley biker social life. Secondly, be specific about your profile and try not to miss the tiniest bit of detail. Lastly, make your profile creative, which is also one of the most crucial steps in optimizing your chance of finding a Harley biker enthusiast.

3. Keep in mind that nothing counts more than your own feelings
By which, I mean no matter what you do with your Harley biker date, you should always respect your own feelings and show your values by stating your principles and stick to your ow Harley biker dating rules that no one can ever step in. Because as a strong and independent Harley motorcycle singles, showing your standard is not only a way to show respect to yourself, but also a major attraction to the eye of other Harley bikers.

3 important rule for dating a Harley woman or man

Biker dating site has never been a dull topic since when you put yourself out on the Harley dating website catering specifically to Harley singles and motorcycle riders who live the same exciting motorcycle riding lifestyle. You will have the greatly widened possibility to meet a wide range of different potential motorcycle partners with totally different personalities and cultural background, but who are all pursuing the Harley motorcycle riding culture. For those Harley motorcycle riders who just signed up on the leading biker dating website in the field of motorcycle riders match making category, there are some basic biker dating rules that you should bear in mind before you approach other potential motorcycle partners or go on a biker date.

1.Choose a right Harley motorcycle dating website is the most essential step
There are plenty of self claimed professional online dating websites designed for motorcycle love seekers, but the truly reliable ones are rather rare. Not only does the quality is uneven, but also the membership on a biker dating website can cost a fortune. For Harley motorcycle riders who just start to find Harley motorcycle girls or Harley bier dudes online, it’s highly recommended to start with a Harley dating site which is free of charge in an effort to understand how biker lifestyle works and be exposed in the Harley motorcycle riding culture.

2.Create an eye-catching profile
In a Harley motorcycle dating world, everything should be related closely to Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, even profile is not an exception. For biker beginners, it can be rather challenging to be bold enough to step out of their comfort zone, let alone to create a comprehensive self-introduction for other potential Harley motorcycle partners to judge. Therefore, the first step is to find an example of the most popular Harley biker user and take a look at their motorcycle profile, which by no means you should copy the content of their profile, but to understand the essence of the popularity they get in the Harley biker world-by putting yourself out there and show your authentic self without a single bit of exaggeration. However, that’s not all, in order to catch the attention of your ideal Harley biker partner, be specific about yourself and put online detailed information such as “ I love motorcycle riding especially with a Harley motorcycle and watching the sunset in a remote valley”. instead of merely mentioning your passion for Harley biker lifestyle, let other know your preferred riding track, favorite riding route and motorcycle type too!

3.Send an ice break that actually break the ice
I get that most Harley motorcycle guys are not the expert in sending heart-melting messages, but it doesn’t mean you have to creep the Harley motorcycle females out by a straight-forward “Let’s meet tonight”. Start approaching other Harley biker singles with a more respectful and creative way. Messages which starts with a brief self-introduction such as “Hey, I’m Leo, the veteran biker with 5 years of motorcycle riding experience. I think you are pretty cute and I’d love to meet you over a casual bike ride someday!” makes a good example.

Top 10 reasons why you need date a male or female motorcycle rider

Now a days, dating a biker has become a good choice for more and more young generation. The modern girls or boys always expect something adventurous and advanced activities in their lives. As a result, a new trend of dating with a biker girl or motorcycle man has emerged in the society. Let us stretch out the main reasons of this daring passion.

1.Get a flower of adventure
Instead of long walk on the beach, you can enjoy your adventurous ride in beach, canyons, mountains, and in deserts. If you have a good road or destination, you can enjoy your ride to the core. You do not have to worry about plane tickets, five star restaurants or hotels, because motorcycle camping travel is more romantic for girls who ride as a Harley motorcycle passenger.

2.Have a feel of fearlessness
Nobody is immortal in this world. Motorcyclists are habituated in hearing about the deadly road accidents, but you should know that you may experience death in any place without any prior notice. So, to enjoy the fearlessness in life, you can go for biker dating.

3.Enjoy Cost-effectiveness
Dating a motorcycle rider is very cost-effective. You have to keep a stock of money for oil storage. Apart from this, you do not have to pay huge money for your fooding and lodging. You can have your dinner or lunch by the foods available on the streets.

4.Enjoy the moments
The views of sunrise on the sea, sunset behind the snowy mountains, thunder on the sands of desert, fog on the field can gift you some valuable moments in your life. You can enjoy these moments with motorcycle singles through riding.

5.Check dedication
Riding is not only a passion but a way of life for some girls and boys. You can check the dedication level of your biker singles at the time of riding.

6.Strengthen your vigilance
The success of life depends on your observation. Most biker women or motorcycle men are very observant in maintaining their safety. Vigilance power is strengthened at the time of riding. If you want to hook up with a biker, you should be conscious enough before riding.

7.Flexible for every situation
Motorcycle singles always focus on their first love- motorcycle. If dating plan is cancelled, biker singles do not get demotivated. They are so flexible that they can handle odd situation by their passion of riding.

8.Enjoy the freedom
Every relation seeks independence. Biker singles are always busy for road trip or bike upgrade. They do not have enough time to text message all the time, so you will get ample time to maintain relationship with your parents, other friends and relatives.

9.Have a trendy partner
There is no doubt that biker men or motorcycle women are more trendy than others. They are different in respect of attitude, mentality and taste. If you meet a biker, you can get nice and different kind of experience with your trendy partner.

10.Enjoy the romanticism
If you want to flee from your stereotype life, you can date a biker. As bunch of roses can create a romantic atmosphere, likewise a dating partner’s invitation for a long ride in bike is equally romantic for anybody.